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The 7 Steps of Lending


The 7 Steps of Lending

  •  1. Meet and Greet

    1. Meet and Greet

    Make a time to meet & chat face to face or over the phone and capture Information about you to understand what we can assist you with. details we will need to know- last 2 years employment history – assets & liabilities -basic living expenses – all this information is a vital and part of Information used to ensure you are Borrowing within your means Objectives & Requirements.

  •  2. How much Can You Borrow

    2. How much Can You Borrow

    We Look at your current income we consider current/future living and financial commitments to determine what you can borrow. What we need to also consider is length of employment as well as employment type and working history.

  • 3. Plan A Strategy

    3. Plan A Strategy

    We Create your loan structure considering your objectives and requirements - we look at what type of type of transaction refinance or purchase, security type and the loan required.

  • 4. Lenders & Products

    4. Lenders & Products

    We source the lenders and product types that fit your needs - What we must consider, does your profile meet the lenders requirements, do you have Genuine savings, How much deposit you have, does your employment history fit.

  •  5. Cost Involved

    5. Cost Involved

    Lender Interest rates, setup cost and ongoing fees- this will be outlined in our loan comparison report

  •  6. Type Of Loans

    6. Type Of Loans

    This will be determined by the type of property you have, is it an Investment or an owner occupier property? Interest only or principle & Interest.

  •  7. Moving forward

    7. Moving forward

    Moving forward - at this stage we have a holistic understanding of your current and future needs, we have identified a loan structure with a lender that meets your needs and requirements. Once the decision is made we collate all the information package it & ready to submit to the lender for consideration.